Douglas McLennan – Introduction to this Class

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: Welcome to Spring For Music’s online course. You can watch these videos and listen to the program excerpts in the order below or watch them out of sequence. The art of programming is about creating an experience; a program takes you someplace. It’s not just a collection of pieces; one piece sets up the next. A program is a vehicle for artists, but it’s the audience that makes it a shared experience. [this video is 5:09 minutes long]



  1. Ignacio ANIA says:

    After this first class, I have a knowledge that will greatly enhance my experience of attending to a concert. In addition to the “common” variables (the performance of the whole orchestra, the individual musicians and the director, the concert hall’s sonority, comfort and the beauty…), now I have many other enjoying elements: Was the program’s goal fulfilled? How good was the outcome of the approach used to face the multiple challenges to play such a program (creativity, structure, cost…). Thank you for this initiative.

  2. I have just completed my initial listen to the first week’s videos and audios and wanted to offer my applause and thanks to everyone involved in creating this course. The variety of perspectives offered by the presenters so far has been terrific, and the audio samples and other materials made available directly and by link are a tremendous resource. Your provision of examples of past Spring for Music concerts and related materials is a particular treasure. I am listening now to The Oregon Symphony’s Music in Time of War, a beautiful example of the kind of inspired programming under examination this week. I can hardly wait to listen to the Edmonton Symphony concert, which I see included 3 US premieres of new works. From the excerpts, they sound marvelous.

  3. Ignacio ANIA says:

    Great course, great instructors. Now I have a lot of information to work on learning by listening. Thank you all, very much.

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