6. Marin Alsop: How I Program

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: For me a great program has a thread or message, a story, something you take away. I try to create programs that have great variety but still have connections. Those connections might not at first be obvious. We have to balance what sells with what the idea is. One doesn’t want to be limited to 20-30 pieces. You try to outrun the fatigue factor of playing the same things over and over. I start by putting out all the major pieces, then see what the connective DNA is. I look to pair pieces, pieces that can interact with one another. Here’s how I put together the program we’ll play in Carnegie Hall for Spring For Music.



  1. Very interesting. Its a balanced mix in my opinion and one that will grab people’s attention.

  2. I love the idea of using tf3 as part of the program. They have very little problem selling whatever it is they are playing. It’s a great opportunity to introduce an audience to a different combination of musical instruments and to expand their perspectives on new music.

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