David Alan Miller: There’s No Formula For Popularity

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: If there were a recipe to make something popularity we’d all be making it. But even though artists know some formulas for what ought to be in music, they don’t always work to make music popular. Mozart was totally conscious of the marketplace and what could be popular. But even he in his latter days lost the ability to write something popular. Gershwin is another example. His Rhapsody in Blue was wildly popular, but when he went back to write a second rhapsody it didn’t become popular. But he was a very different composer at that point. He was trying to do something different. I don’t think that composers usually set out to be popular.



  1. Guillermo Hinojosa says:

    I think composers, and writers, not allways want to make a popular product. They rather want to make a good product, one apreciated by other composers or writers. They not allway want to please the people, but their peers.

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